Dentalmarketing und Social Media


Why is it so important for any type of business to be present on social media? The answer to that is simple; You have to be where your customers are. For dental marketing, you need to be where your patients are.

To thrive in a very competitive industry, one must employ any means possible to gain a competitive edge, and in this day and age, social media presence is the number one priority.

There are many ways social media can help you and your dental practice. To name a few:

1. Social media websites can be a source of quality leads or new patients.

2. By having a presence on social media sites like Facebook, you can use them in a way that builds a relationship or connects with your current patients or your audience.

3. This is a powerful tool to help you market your dental practice and share relevant and valuable content.

4. This can also be a platform where you can get good reviews and recommendations for your dental practice or business.

Today, let’s talk about what you need to do to successfully use social media marketing in your practice. I call it the 3 C’s of social media strategy in the dental office.


You don’t have to create an account on all available platforms. You can start with a social media site or two, and that could be most of your patients. That way, you devote more of your time to having a consistent presence on those one or two platforms that you use.

Use scheduling tools so you can manage multiple accounts in one place. There are many great online tools like Hootsuite and Buffer that you can use to schedule and publish posts and give you some insights into your followers.


In marketing, they would always advise following the 80/20 rule. 80% of your post is for your audience. The content should be something useful for your patient and always related to your dental practice. It can be tips on how to take care of their oral health, or you can participate in a live question and answer session. The other 20% of your content is to promote your business, e.g. E.g. a competition, the publication of a special offer or a virtual tour of your dental practice.

Customer service

You also need to make sure that all your social media messages are answered as soon as possible. You can use the autoresponder and this feature is available on Facebook and it makes the patient feel like you are always available.

When all else fails, perhaps the best way to manage your social media marketing is to enlist the help of a professional. There are times when this is a great option, especially for dentists who don’t have the luxury of taking care of the marketing side of things. It is no longer optional to have a social media presence to stay relevant in your practice.

Social sites are an opportunity to make your dental practice shine. It’s not just dental marketing. They are real connections with your patients and future patients. Networking locally on social media helps establish your practice as part of the community. Use your happiest patients as content for your profile to get started.

Here’s an example: after gifting someone veneers, you could offer them a discount (or just ask) in exchange for posting before and after pictures of their teeth. You can even remain anonymous. Marketing like this allows you to turn everyday procedures into valuable content aligned with your target market.

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