Leben mit Maine-Coon-Katzen


I’ve always admired cats of all breeds for their independence, cleanliness, and determination to forge their own path.

I have 3 older cats and decided to adopt a kitten to raise as I missed the fun that kittens brought into my life. After watching a TV show about different breeds of cats, I fell in love with the Maine Coon breed and decided this was the kitten I wanted. I found a breeder near me. I was so excited to visit the kittens and find a new member of my pet family.

The kittens, only a few months old, were much larger than other breeds and had beautiful long furry coats and tails. I was hooked!!

I brought my new four month old kitten home to introduce to the rest of the family. My two large dogs and three older cats were very curious and of course the kitten hid under the bed where all kittens seem to hide when scared.

After many hours trying to persuade them to come out of hiding, she slowly emerged.

Misty, that was her name now, seemed fairly unfazed by all the attention she was getting and soon blossomed into a very energetic young lady, wreaking havoc around the house, knocking over many ornaments and searching through flower pots, especially this one that had dirt on it for them to play with!

I got a call from the breeder asking if I could adopt another kitten as he was closing up his shop so of course I couldn’t say no. I went to pick up this kitten that needed a home and when I got there there were two kittens that were quite sick and I saw that they needed medical attention. I considered why I should take on this extra responsibility, but since I was very soft-hearted, I couldn’t turn my back on them.

So for the next two weeks I kept her away from the other cats and nursed her day and night. With the help of my local vet they pulled through and I felt confident that all my care and attention had given them a chance at a happy life.

They are now well settled into their new life and are making a complete mess of the house as they are destructive and playful like all kittens, but the Maine Coon breed is a determined breed, with the ability to be content with being alone or running around the house all three at once to rearrange the carpets and the furniture! They can grow up to 4 feet long so I hope by then they will have settled down or my home is in an uproar!

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